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Consortium formed by EcoRodovias and GLP wins BR-153 auction

Publicado em 25 de Aug de 2021 às 10:00

Group offered 16,25% discount on the toll tariff ceiling; Concession fee offered is R$ 320 million

The Eco153 Consortium formed by EcoRodovias (65%) and GLP (35%) submitted today (April 29)  at B3 the best bid at the BR-153/TO/GO auction. The consortium, which is offering a discount of 16,25% on the toll tariff ceiling and a concession fee of R$ 320 million, undertakes to invest around R$7.8 billion on an 851 km stretch of the BR-153/TO/GO and BR-080/414/GO highways between Aliança do Tocantins in Tocantins and Anápolis in Goiás, in addition to R$6.2 billion on operating costs. The concession will be for 35 years. 

Among the investments envisaged in the concession agreement are more than 600 km of duplication, 90 km of marginal roads, 28 km of additional lanes and the contour planned in the city of Corumbá. In addition, 19 walkways, 30 interconnection devices and 6 underpasses will be built. The lighting of urban crossings and marginal roads is also among the improvements designed to increase user safety. The new concessionaire will also recover the road surface across the entire stretch, offer medical and mechanical assistance services to users from its 19 new operational bases to be set up, and also monitor and manage the traffic. There are also plans to build two stop and rest areas for greater safety of truck drivers. A Wi-Fi (or 3G/4G) network will also be established along the highways for communication between users and the concessionaire's customer service, which will improve road safety.

Besides creating development opportunities and over 14,000 jobs in the region, the concession will have different tariffs for single and double lanes, which should encourage the execution of expansion works, and will offer a 5% discount on the toll tariff for those using electronic payments and automatic vehicle identification. A tariff discount program will also be implemented, which will mainly benefit those traveling frequently on short distances.  

The concession stretch is one of the main connections between the Center-North and Center-South regions of the country and runs through 38 towns in the states of Tocantins and Goiás. Following are the stretches of the three highways that will be operated by the Eco153 Consortium:

- BR-153/TO/GO Highway, between Aliança do Tocantins and Anápolis, spanning 624.1 km;
- BR-080/GO Highway, between Uruaçu and Assunção de Goiás (BR-414), spanning 87 km; and
- BR-414/GO Highway, between Assunção de Goiás and Anápolis, spanning 139.6 km. 

With the result of today's auction, EcoRodovias, which has already been dedicating itself for 20 years to develop Brazilian infrastructure and manages 10 concessions in eight states, expands its footprint to Tocantins with the same commitments and values that guide all its units. 

In this concession, as part of the social commitment, besides creating jobs, it will implement a modern user safety program (International Road Assessment Program - iRap) to reduce accidents and the risk of fatalities on highways. From the environmental standpoint, materials such as rubberized asphalt (produced from discarded tires) will be used, the road surface will be recycled, solar energy will be used and a seedling nursery project will be implemented. 

As for corporate governance, the new concessionaire should get registered as a publicly held company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) within two years. It should also implement a system integrated to the National Ground Transportation Agency (ANTT) to share with it all the information related to the concession. As a result, the government can monitor in real time, the current situation, history and planned future works on highways.

GLP, which operates in 17 countries, is a global leader in investments and business development in logistics, real estate, infrastructure and related technologies. The company has been exploring investment opportunities in logistics infrastructure assets to work alongside partners with operational expertise. BR-153 is the company's second infrastructure asset in the country. GLP is also a shareholder of Way-306, which manages the MS-306 Highway in Mato Grosso do Sul, whose logistical vocation is similar to that of BR-153.

About EcoRodovias

EcoRodovias is one of Brazil’s largest highway infrastructure companies. Over the past 20 years, it has expanded its footprint in the country’s import and export road corridors, as well as important tourist regions. It currently manages 10 highway concessions totaling more than 3,000 km across eight states in the Southern, Southeastern, Midwestern and Northeastern regions. It also manages two logistics assets - a regulatory yard and a port terminal – which serve the Port of Santos, the largest port in Brazil. For more information, visit

About GLP

GLP is a leading global investment manager and business builder in logistics, real estate, infrastructure, finance and related technologies. Our combined investing and operating expertise allows us to create value for our customers and investors. We operate across Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, the U.S. and Vietnam and have over US$100 billion in assets under management in real estate and private equity. 

GLP has been operating in Brazil since 2012 and manages investments of US$3 billion in the country through diverse vehicles. It is the leader in the logistics warehousing market in Brazil, currently managing a portfolio of 5 million m². In the infrastructure sector, GLP invests in companies developing technologies for the logistics ecosystem and holds interest in Way 306, the highway concessionaire that manages the MS-306 Highway. 
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